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Hello, my name is Adriana Cambouris and I am the founder of Just Catering for Kids and a proud mother of three beautiful boys, Jonathon, Stefan and Adrian. After having my third son my husband and I thought I should stay home and take care of the family. I then left my job of 20 years and began the life of a stay at home mom. With a new born son, and a 4 and 6 year old running around, it was very time consuming to have to make them lunches for school every day especially once all three of them were attending school. I then thought to myself,what a great idea it would be if there was someone who could prepare and deliver the meals to them at school. This is where it all began and I decided to start a catering business.

At first I originally thought that it would be a part time job for me to kept me busy because I wasn’t used to staying home all the time but unfortunately, in 2004 my husband was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Scleroses) and I knew I had to go back into the work force to provide for my family. After leaving my job I was not prepared for what was about to happen.In that same year my third son was diagnosed with an LD (Learning Disability). With that being said, being a religious person, I took a leap of faith and decided to pitch the idea to my local elementary schools and they loved the idea! Just starting out, I delivered the lunches to my son’s elementary school every day. From there the business started to take off.

As I grew up in an Italian household, my parents Vincenzo and Carolina always made homemade dinners and lunches for me and my siblings. This is where my passion for cooking began. Like my parents, Iran my business with the same mindset. Here at Just Catering we provide children with nutritious, healthy, and freshly made lunches every morning. My love for cooking enabled me to turn children’s favorite meals into healthy alternatives.

Just catering for kids has now been open for over 12 years and has helped schools raise a lot of money with our fundraising program. We now have a fantastic staff of parents just like you and me who want to make sure the students are eating homemade, always fresh meals.

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