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Just Catering for Kids lunch fundraising program has unfolded into a flourishing business that my son is now taking a part of. I’m extremely excited to see what these young minds can bring to the table in terms of bringing the company into the electronic age. With the combination of experience and present knowledge of today’s evolving society, our team has been able to build a foundation for future growth. This team work effort has enabled us to work towards expanding our business and opening a secondary location that will provide us with the opportunity to reach further into the city.

What makes us different:

It’s quite simple, here at Just Catering for Kids our food is HOMEMADE and we are great supporters of provincial guideline for healthy schools. Our fresh and wholesome ingredients are what separate us from the rest. We believe that you should be able to see everything that you are eating, and feel that our foods should stimulate the growing minds of our children.

Additional Information:

All our food is prepared in a nut free facility. We have incorporated whole grain breads, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables without compromising on flavor. Our “Kid Tested” meals are classic child favorites but with a heathier twist.


Shrove Tuesday, Just Catering for Kids provides schools with FREE pancake batter.

There are many ways to bring Just Catering for Kids food to your school. We offer:

Hot Lunch Services (FULLY MANAGED): Online order forms are available on our website, justcateringforkids.com. Parents/caregivers are able to go online and place orders though our system.

Located at the back of the package you will find our sample menu.

Special Events (FULLY MANAGED): For school events like Spirit Week, Just Catering for Kids can offer specialty lunches in relation to the event that take place. This gets the children more engaged and excited for their school events.

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