To Our Valued Parents

What You Need To Know:

Sick Child

When your child is sick, simply call Just Catering for Kid’s before 8:00 am on the day of your delivery to receive a credit on your account. NO REFUNDS.

What Is A Credit?

When a credit is awarded to you, you are able to deduct the amount of the lunch off your next payment.

Forgot To Cancel

When lunches are not cancelled, and the lunch is delivered to the school, the lunch is no longer our responsibility. Lunches are then left in the care of the school and left to the educators within the classroom environment. Uncollected lunches are not the same as cancelled lunches and they will NOT be credited.

Our Snow Day Policy

Depending on the location of the school and the school board, if busses are cancelled due to weather conditions, we will NOT be delivering our lunches to the school that day. We will either credit each individual or work with your school to assign a makeup day.

(This is all dependent upon the situation)

Delivery Process

All Just Catering for Kids staff has their police record checks good for one year. There are NO outside volunteers needed for the delivery process of our lunches. Just Catering for Kids staff always carries spare lunches with them just in case. It is essential that our staff is aware if someone was missed, or was given the wrong lunch. Our representatives are there for 10 minutes after the bell to ensure that each child is taken care of.

Keeping Connected

Please ensure that you provide us with your e-mail address so we can keep you up to date with special events, snow day cancellations and weekly reminders for new menus.

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